Hubie Halloween: Netflix shares trailer for Adam Sandlerโ€™s new movie

Halloween season is officially upon us, and it is time to get that watch list ready. Netflix just shared the list of new Halloween movies and shows. That list included Hubie Halloween, a new Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler, which is set to be released on Netflix on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, a local of Salem, Massachusetts, who each year makes sure that his town celebrates Halloween safely. In Hubie Halloween, Hubie is often tormented by the townโ€™s residents, but that d


The chemistry between Harper and Charlie is on point which draws us in from the original โ€˜meet cuteโ€™. Harper has aspirations to be a writer and knows her boss can help make that happen. So, she does everything she can to make Kristenโ€™s life run like a well oiled machine with hopes that she will one day see that Harper is a gem deserving of praise & give her that chance to become a writer. Charlie is working hard for that promotion he has been promised for so long. He knows the inโ€™s and outโ€™s of

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